Stress is known to negatively affect our health; it can prompt stomach pains, head pains, and sleep issues among numerous different issues.  The other adverse effect of stress is that it can provoke issues to the health of your teeth.   Stress can lead to many problems in your mouth; it can even lead to teeth loss and the painful temporal mandibular joint syndrome. 

The mouth issues that are most visible and are caused by stress are canker sores as well as fever blisters.  Canker sores are those small greys or white ulcers that typically develop in the mouth, these sores are not infectious but rather they are painful and in addition humiliating.  Nobody understands what these sores are but your dental specialist will know that they are caused by stress.    Fever blisters also known as cold sores are normally caused by a virus that lives in the body.   The virus is called herpes simplex and the infection outbreaks it has are contagious, these sores are a group of water filled bothers that appear on the mouth.   Herpes is regularly caused by absence of sleep and also stress, there are available medicines to treat them and on the off chance that you see them look for dentist anchorage ak help quickly. 

Another tooth issue that can be caused by stress is tooth grinding otherwise called bruxism; this is exceptionally common when you are stressed and you tend to grind your jaw in your sleep.  You can do it when you are unconscious but you can also do it if you are awake, this will lead to the wearing out of your molars, cracking as well as fracturing of your teeth.  Grinding of your teeth can incite temporal mandibular joint issue which is a to a great degree painful condition.   You will tend to have pain in your jaw, your face or even your ears.   If you happen to have this grinding of the jaw make sure you seek the help of the dentist right away, visit website here! 

Sadness or even depression caused by stress can make you not take care of your teeth as you should.  It is extraordinarily difficult to care for normal things when you happen to be stresses and you may give up your dental cleanliness.  Stress can even influence you to stop visiting your dental expert for regular checkups and this will provoke teeth issues. 


The drugs you use for your stress like antidepressants can provoke a dry mouth, if you have a happen toward to having a dry mouth you may end up having dental issues.  If happen to experience a dry mouth because of the drugs prescribed to you for your stress, make sure that you talk to your dentist about this.